Our latest magazine includes:
Shop Window
What an incredible collection of colour on offer this spring in your garden centre!
Real Gardener
Wellington Botanic Garden's Karl Noldan is a young Horticulturist with passion and drive, and he has just won a place as a finalist in the Young Horticulturist of the Year competition later this year
Crunchy Edibles
Spring finds us switching our eating preferences away from hearty soups to the fresh green crunch of lovely offerings from the garden
Raw Delight
Meryn Wakelin explores the power of eating raw!
Catching the Breeze
Kids you just have to give these wind chimes a go! Perfect project for the School Holidays when it will likely be...windy!
Irish Inspiration
Sally Brown takes a look around an iconic Irish Garden Show for ideas to bring home to New Zealand
Work of Art
Artist Mark Edmonds is creating a link pathway in the Marlborough Sounds as an incredible community resource to enjoy
Precious Vessels
Containers are ideal when the ground is still a bit soggy for digging. Sue Linn shares some tips to get a stylish effect rather than eclectic clutter!
Changing Lives
A move from Wellington to Auckland has brought a new climate and a new set of challenges for gardener Janice Marriott
A Passion for Plants
Tom Ferguson from Southern Woods Nursery Christchurch has won an award in Horticulture as the Garden Industry's Young Achiever 2015
What's on around the country garden events wise
go gardening magazine Spring 2015
This Spring issue of Go Gardening heralds in the new season, and explores the next generation of expert horticulturists. Globally there is a rise in the number of mad-keen gardeners in their twenties and thirties.

In the UK, a Royal Horticultural Society survey found 89 per cent of 16 to 24 year-olds said they have a garden or grow plants. In New Zealand we’re seeing more and more schools getting into gardening. There’s a resurgence of horticulture students at tertiary level too, though still not enough graduates to meet industry demand.

Today’s young gardeners are finding inspiration online and through social media, where they see other hip young people doing interesting things with plants. They’re not waiting until they own their own plot. They’re gardening on windowsills, on balconies and up walls. In particular, young people are keen to grow their own food, but there’s a swell of interest in all kinds of plants.

This spring in Go Gardening we celebrate two of New Zealand’s most inspirational young horticulturists. Tom Ferguson says he never has a day when he isn’t excited to go to work. Karl Noldan is also following his passion for plants. Both men have earned a place in the NZ Young Horticulturist of the Year competition in November. We wish them well.

Of course for most of us, gardening isn’t a career. It’s more of an escape, and a great way to get creative on a budget. A love of gardening lasts a lifetime. We can start at any age, on any income. What better time to start than the beginning of a fresh new spring?